SingleThread Announces Singapore Residency

Basque Kitchen Main Dining Room

SingleThread Collaborates with Odette and Basque Kitchen by Aitor

To kickoff SingleThread's first full-length residency in Singapore this summer, Chef Kyle and Katina will collaborate on a celebratory dinner with Chef Aitor of Basque Kitchen and Chef Julien Royer of Odette on June 29th. Chef Kyle and Katina previously collaborated with Chef Julien Royer at Odette in 2019 and are both excited to return to Singapore for a longer stay.

Heralding the start of the residency, this event will offer the SingleThread, Odette, and Basque Kitchen teams the opportunity to craft a unique menu guided by each team's respective culinary points of view. 

For booking details for the collaboration dinner on June 29th, please inquire here.

Chef Kyle portrait

"This presents a creative opportunity to compose a menu highlighting our inspirations from Japan as well as support and showcase incredible products from South-east Asia.

Travelling to Singapore allows us another way to express our culinary creativity to an international audience and showcase Sonoma's agricultural footprint and biodiversity." Chef Kyle Connughton

Odette cuisine
Basque Kitchen cuisine
Odette cuisine

SingleThread Takes Residency at Basque Kitchen by Aitor

SingleThread's month-long residency at Basque Kitchen by Aitor will commence on July 1, 2022. Basque Kitchen by Aitor is a fine dining one Michelin star restaurant that showcases contemporary Basque cuisine reinterpreted by Chef-Patron Aitor Jeronimo Orive. Established in October 2018 as Singapore’s first Basque-centric restaurant celebrating the country’s indigenous culture and produce, Basque Kitchen was awarded its first Michelin Star in the 2019 edition of Michelin Guide Singapore within a year of its opening. Chef Aitor, along with his kitchen team and service staff, will play an active role in supporting Chef Kyle and his team during the month-long residency.

Chef Kyle is particularly excited to share SingleThread’s unique style of hospitality as Dri Roberts, the restaurant’s Service Director will be running the dining room. Executive Sous Chef Andrew Hori will bring his culinary experience to the open kitchen where all of the chefs’ work will be on display. Under the guidance of Executive Wine Director Rusty Rustello, the beverage programme for SingleThread has been attentively planned with Singapore’s leading wine bar, Park90, to curate an extensive wine pairing list. The wines have been specially handpicked to showcase highly allocated Sonoma Coast wines such as Kistler, Rhys, Occidental, Lioco, Jolie-Laide and others to complement the dishes that will be served by SingleThread during the residency. 

Cuisine photos from Odette and Basque Kitchen by Aitor. 

Basque Kitchen dining room
Basque Kitchen exterior
Basque Kitchen PDR