SingleThread and L'Effervescence

Celebrating 20 Years of Friendship

Chef Kyle, Katina and some of the SingleThread team are traveling to Japan at the end of May to celebrate twenty years of friendship with Chef Namae Shinobu of L'Effervesence in Tokyo, Japan. 

This is the team's first return to Japan in over two years and is a special opportunity to continue two decades of collaboration, as well as continue seafood sustainability initiatives locally with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. 

Kyle, Katina and Name-san originally met during their time at Michel Bras in Hokkaido and they later worked together again at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck in Bray, England. The Connaughtons and Namae-san felt an immediate kinship and have continued to collaborate and support each other as an extended family, cooking together and participating in educational events all over the world, at SingleThread in Healdsburg, and now at L'Effervescence in Tokyo!

The special collaboration dinner will take place at L'Effervescence on Monday, May 30th. Booking details can be found here. L'Effervesence is currently ranked #26 on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List and holds three Michelin stars. 

Chef Namae cooking
Kyle, Katina, and Namae
Chef Kyle and Chef Namae at SingleThread