Usu-Zan by SingleThread, presented by Chase Sapphire®

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Usu-Zan is the name of the small, active volcano that is in the remote village where the Connaughton’s lived in Hokkaido and gave the area its unique landscape and incredible agricultural bounty. The volcano's name originated from the indigenous Ainu people's word for the mountain which last erupted in 2001. It was here where the Connaughton’s honed their education in farming, cooking, and warm hospitality. The experiences with new friends, gathered around the table enjoying rich, soulful donabe hot pots inspired many of the ideas of what SingleThread would one day become. They originally decided to bring that magic to their guests with a sense of adventure, a feeling of tranquility, and a continued dream for the future in a socially distant outdoor environment during 2020. Now Chef Kyle and Katina are proud to bring this singular experience to the alpine environment in Park City. 

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The Usu-Zan menu features special seafood and beef from around Japan's Northern Island as well as artisanal products through the many relationships forged with these producers during the Connaughton's many years living along the bountiful Hokkaido coastline. Uni, scallops, crab, salmon, salmon roe, tarako (cod milt), sawara, hokki, kinki, Rishiri konbu from Renbun Island, Hidaka konbu from just above their hometown of Toyura; thin udon noodles, Hokkaido Wagyu beef, lily bulbs, udo (mountain asparagus), Hokkaido inaka miso, Ao nori, mugi (barley), and sake will be some of the highlights. Our farm will be providing Negi onions, komatsuna, kabu turnips, mizuna, shungiku (chrysanthemum greens), hakusai cabbage, kintoki carrots, daikon, shishigatani pumpkins, hen eggs, Upstate Abundance potatoes, sunchokes, garlic, broccoli, spinach, flowers, myoga and shiso. Chestnuts, Duclair duck, apples, citrus, mushrooms, and soy milk will come from neighboring Sonoma producers.


We are delighted to bring the Usu-Zan experience from our home in Healdsburg, California, to the alpine landscape of The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City, Utah. 

Bookings are available through Tock. Only 25 tables are available per evening with seatings starting at 5:00pm. Dinner bookings are $475/pp or $575/pp (depending on main course selection) with a $375 optional wine pairing put together for this special engagement. Beverage pairings will feature Dom Pérignon Champagne with some of the best producers from Sonoma and from around the world. The dining experience will conclude with our after dinner dessert and whiskey lounge. Pricing is exclusive of gratuity and taxes. Proof of vaccination required.

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Image of Blue Sky
Image of Blue Sky