Supporting the Chill Foundation


Katina and Kyle's love for board sports, particularly snowboarding, and their commitment to stewardship has been a driving force in their commitment to support the Chill Foundation. Both Katina and Kyle understand firsthand the transformative power of outdoor activities and their ability to instill resilience, discipline, and a profound connection to nature. Their belief in the responsibility to give back to the community have led them to become active supporters of Chill. Katina shares:

"Snowboarding has undeniably shaped our lives in the best of ways. It is through this strong sense of community that snowboarding offers, that we found everlasting friendships, a respect and appreciation for nature and mountain ecology, and a deep connection to ourselves. All roads lead to the mountains for us and we are so proud to support the Chill Foundation in their efforts to bring youth on to the mountain to experience the beauty of the terrain, the strength in this community, and what will likely become a meaningful discovery to themselves."


Katina and Kyle Connaughton in their favorite element

Chill Foundation

Chill Foundation, established in 1995, has a rich history of empowering underserved youth through transformative experiences in boardsports. The organization was founded by Jake and Donna Carpenter, the visionary couple behind Burton Snowboards, who believed in the power of boardsports to positively impact young lives. Their aim was to provide a platform for young people of all identities and backgrounds to develop life skills and build resilience through snowboarding and skateboarding. Over the years, the Chill Foundation has grown into a formidable force, offering mentorship and safe spaces for young individuals to thrive, both on and off the slopes. Senior Director of Individual & Foundation Giving, Franny MacAllister, shares:

"This is our fourth year collaborating with SingleThread in the Sonoma Raffle and it has created cummulative impact to date at Chill. We've gotten youth outside to enjoy the thrill of nature while empowering them in ways they may not have had access to before. We partner with juvenile justice facilities, mental health organizations, Boys & Girls clubs and many more to provide youth complimentary access to boardsports. We are so grateful for Katina and Kyle's support, and for donating the experience of SingleThread."

This year we are again partnering with Arnot-Roberts to create a truly special experience. We will be donating a two-night stay at our Inn, a dining experience for two at SingleThread and a private farm tour with Head Farmer Katina and Chef Kyle. The raffle is live from 8/1-8/7 with a winner being drawn on 8/8. Learn more below.