SingleThread and Cuzen Matcha

SingleThread and Cuzen Matcha Recipe Collaboration

Chef Kyle Connaughton is pleased to announce a new recipe collaboration with Oakland, California-based Cuzen Matcha. 

Eijiro Tsukada, founder of Cuzen Matcha, and Chef Kyle first met in 2016. By 2020, the relationship between Cuzen Matcha and SingleThread expanded with both entrepreneurs experimenting with Cuzen Matcha’s high-quality, freshly ground matcha, which has a distinctly smooth, balanced flavor and gives the drinker a mellow, focused energy that lasts. Their goal was to develop recipes that would highlight the distinctive umami flavors found uniquely in Cuzen Matcha’s offering. Eventually Chef Kyle began to offer Cuzen Matcha machines in the SingleThread Inn’s guest rooms, as well as integrate its matcha into a selection of lattes and smoothies available to guests throughout the property.

Long in the making, their new recipe collection  expands on those early experiments, giving matcha lovers and home cooks an easy and accessible way to enjoy high-quality matcha at home.


The first six recipes developed by Chef Kyle Connaughton for the SingleThread Matcha Recipe Collection include “Kyle & Katina’s Smoothie,” Vegetable Crudite with Matcha Mayo, Tencha Goma Shio/Matcha and Pea Onigiri, PaloMatcha (mocktail), Matcha Alfajores Cookies, and Japanese Style Matcha Cheesecake. “Kyle & Katina’s Smoothie” and Vegetable Crudite with Matcha Mayo are available now at, with more added to the site each month. Additional Cuzen Matcha recipes and collaborations will launch later this year and into 2023.

Chef Kyle Connaughton and Cuzen Matcha Founder Eijiro Tsukada in SingleThread's study.