Introducing our 2023 CSA Program



We are excited and proud to have officially launched our Singlethread Farm at Dry Creek CSA program - sharing our love for food and farming with our community. In addition to offering monthly agricultural and floral workshops, our 2023 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is an opportunity for our farm to share our harvests in a new way, extending this community beyond the walls of our kitchens and dining rooms and offering farm fresh food to our friends and neighbors. By becoming a member of our CSA, you are directly contributing to the sustainability of our farm and our local food systems. In return, we commit to providing you with the highest quality produce we are able to grow. 

CSA programs help to strengthen local food systems. By supporting local farmers, you are investing in your own agricultural communities and helping to build a more resilient and sustainable food system. These programs also help to reduce the environmental impact of food production, as locally-grown produce doesn't have to be shipped long distances, which reduces transportation emissions and supports local biodiversity. Eating seasonally allows you to enjoy a wider variety of foods throughout the year when they are most nutritionally dense, fresh and delicious. 

SingleThread Farm is nestled in and amongst the Dry Creek Valley where we grow hundreds of different varieties of culinary crops throughout the seasons as well as cut flowers with care and integrity. The result is beautiful nutrient dense produce, gorgeous flowers, and a strong and lively biological habitat that contributes to the ecological diversity of the valley. Our subscription based farmbox offers members access to freshly harvested produce on a weekly, or bi-weekly, basis throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

Sustainability is of course essential to SingleThread Farm, and the idea of sustainability pertains not only to the ecology of our farm but also to our model as a small farm business. Our ability to continue as stewards and farmers of this land is dependent on our ability to share and sell the food that we grow - our CSA program was built with future seasons in mind and with a commitment to providing the highest quality food that we can grow to our community. 

In addition to our CSA program, we also have a Farm Store at the Farm where we offer not only daily harvested vegetables, but also beautifully curated products, including our popular pantry line from our acclaimed SingleThread Restaurant. 

Learn more about our CSA program and sign up here

This program has been nearly a year in the making. Our Director of Farm Programming, Adam Smith, shares more about the vision behind the offering:

“To be able to share the food that we grow with our local community is really important to me, as is increasing accessibility to locally produced food. Many of our community members might be curious about the different varieties that we grow on the farm that make their way to the kitchens of SingleThread; such as our beautiful Japanese winter squash, unusual Asian greens, and unique herbs, like Shiso. We’re really opening up the pantry that we use at the Restaurant - it’s a backstage pass to what our talented Chefs cook with every day.”