SingleThread Farms Receives first 3-Michelin Stars

A short video produced by John Lee and Leilani Labong chronicling SingleThread's Chef Kyle Connaughton and wife/ Head Farmer, Katina's experience receiving their first 3 stars from Michelin on November 29th, 2018.


Filmmaker/Photogragher John Lee captured an emotional, celebratory, and exquisite moment the day Kyle and Katina received the call from Michelin informing them that SingleThread had received it's 3rd star. He was there with the camera rolling, as the tears and champagne were flowing in equal parts of abundance. This heartfelt moment caps off (Lee's and writer, Leilani Marie Labong's) film documenting the many moving parts of the couple's past and present that have brought to life their decades long envisioned restaurant, inn, and farm.