Enjoy our tasting menu tailored to your lifestyle and preferences

Our Non-Alcoholic (NA) beverage program is a testament to our commitment to creating a holistic and exceptional dining experience for our guests, and to respect not only dietary choices and restrictions but also lifestyle ones. We always want to be inclusive of all. While we take tremendous pride in our award winning wine program, including our Unforgettable Pairings, we have recognized the growing demand for non-alcoholic options and have embraced the challenge of elevating these pairings to a new level of sophistication.

Chris McFall, our Wine Director, recently shared the intention behind the program with SF Eater:

“I never want someone who doesn’t drink for religious reasons, health reasons, personal reasons, or just doesn’t drink to feel left out of having a celebratory beverage,” McFall says. “Clinking glasses is a ritual.”

Chef Yoni Korn, responsible for R&D and our NA program, partners with McFall, our culinary team as well as our Farmers as he thoughtfully prepares shrubs, tonics and teas for our pairings. What sets our program apart is our commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, often from our own farm, which is just a stone's throw away from the restaurant. This ensures that every sip of our elixirs, tonics and teas complement every bite of our tasting menu with the freshest and most seasonal ingredients.

Chef Yoni (center) at a recent Suited Hospitality's "Evening for Maui" fundraiser with Chefs Hui and Gnall

Drawing inspiration from our Farm

Chef Yoni carefully studies the seasons and  the ingredients left over in the kitchen (think dehydrating citrus peels, repurposing cherry pits and skins, and creating unique teas from blooms in the field). He is always challenging himself and the team with how we can continually honor our commitment to sustainability and zero food waste. He and his team’s creativity is endless:  

“I am inspired by what grows out at the Farm each season and the Farmers that I get to partner so closely with. It’s where I draw my inspiration.” - Chef Yoni 

Our 10-course tasting menu is a culinary journey that celebrates the seasons and the local terroir. The non-alcoholic pairings are carefully curated to enhance and elevate each course, adding layers of complexity and depth to the dining experience. Creating pairings for a sophisticated 10-course tasting menu is no easy feat, and Chef Yoni and his teammate Tessa Rissacher, are always tasting, innovating and experimenting with ingredients that not only work with SingleThread’s unique menu but that elevates it further for our guests. One of our guests recently shared on Instagram:

"What is now my favorite dining expereince ever @singlethreadfarms, the food, the presentation and the service. But honestly, the exclamation point of the evening, was my nonalcoholic beverage pairing. Such effort, attention to detail, each one presented beautifully. It made every bite so special!" 

Whether Chef Yoni and the team are serving a Ponzu Milk Punch, Apricot Tea for Sashimi, Strawberry Old Fashioned, or a Sparkling Shiso Tonic, the flavors and layers are sure to impress the palate and transport our guests to the fields, blooms and herbs on our farm. He is currently working on expanding our local citrus offering that is so abundant in our area. We hope you’ll try the NA pairing next time you dine with us - just add it to your reservation when booking.