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BOOK THE INN  Up to three months in advance.

Restaurant bookings for the following month are released via TOCK on the 1st of every month, at 9 AM PST. Get notified by email when signing up for our Newsletter. dji 0083 1400 0x0x3800x2539 q85

The Farm

SingleThread Farm is nestled in and amongst the Dry Creek Valley bringing 24 acres of biodiversity to wine country. It is undeniably fueled by and thrives at the hands of thoughtful farmers with a shared ethos to respect the land and practice responsible land management. Driven by nature and in stride with the seasons, we work the fields by hand to minimize our impact on the land. We strive to grow healthy soil to support a healthy habitat for future generations to come. We derive our inspiration from our chefs, fellow farmers, and friends around the globe. We grow hundreds of different varieties of culinary crops throughout the seasons as well as cut flowers with care and integrity. The result is beautiful nutrient dense produce, gorgeous flowers, and a strong and lively biological habitat. We remain optimistic for a world with a stronger emphasis on seasonality and locality and humbled by the ever changing climate.

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The Restaurant

Guests of the restaurant are treated to a 10 course tasting menu, showcasing the seasonal bounty from the couple’s farm. SingleThread provides guests a bespoke hospitality experience in the center of Sonoma Wine Country.

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The Inn

Tucked away on the second floor, our inn has five thoughtfully appointed guestrooms, including a 700 square foot suite. Each room is designed and crafted to create a timeless, luxurious, and contemporary atmosphere. All our rooms host an assortment of curated amenities to make each moment of your stay memorable and unique.

Our Inn is open Monday - Sunday and bookings may be made up to three months in advance. You may stay at our inn and enjoy our in-room dining option in lieu of our 10 course tasting menu. Breakfast is only available to guests of our inn. Our concierge is able to provide personalized itineraries so that you may enjoy Sonoma County and all it has to offer.

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BOOK THE RESTAURANT - September bookings are now open! Bookings for October 2023 will open on September 1st at 9am PST. Get notified when inventory opens up by signing up for our newsletter on our Home Page. 

BOOK THE INN  - Up to three months in advance.

SINGLETHREAD WINES - Shop our curated selection of wine, sake, and beer.

VISIT OUR FARM - Summer Workshops are live! Join us on the farm for educational workshops, classes, and more.