The Grand Gelinaz Shuffle STAY IN TOUR 2019 RECAP

For The Grand GELINAZ Stay in Tour on December 3rd, we had the opportunity to cook the Matrix from our good friend Zaiyu Hasegawa of DEN  in Tokyo! Here are a few of the dishes inspired by their menu:

Famous DEN takiawase salad of vegetables from our farm and shio konbu

Dentucky Fried Chicken stuffed with chicken mousse and turnip kimchi- served with kanzuri “buffalo sauce” and tofu ranch dressing

Yuzu “kakigori”

Donabe rice with Sonoma grains

Chewy vegetables and kanpyo

Duck liver and tea soaked prune “monaka”

Late Fall in Tokyo and Sonoma Hassun

Coffee and Black Truffle “Starcomebacks”

SingleThread Smoked Salmon Ibsuhi-gin with brassicas

Moriawase of mackerel with tokoroten jelly

Thank you to Zaiyu Hasegawa and the entire DEN team for always inspiring us! おつかれさまでした😀🇺🇸🇯🇵! 📸 Heather Lockwood Photo