Current Take-Away Menus

Izakaya Winter Menu Options

Menu 1: Grilled Ginger Chicken with Crispy Sunchokes

$50 Per Person

-Grilled Ginger Organic Chicken with Crispy Sunchokes and Tare

-Thin Artisan Udon from Ibaraki with Chicken Broth, Dashi, Komatsuna, and Sesame

-Duclair Duck and Scallion Grilled Skewer with Ume-Local Japanese Mushroom Skewer Marinated in Shio Koji-Dashimaki Tamago-Farm Broccoli with Yuba, and Yuzu Kosho Dressing-Citrus Cup with Farm Green Ohitashi


-Choice of Dessert

Menu 2: Cedar Paper-Roasted Salmon Pescatarian-friendly

 $55 Per Person

-Miso Marinated Wild Salmon Roasted in Cedar Paper

-Donabe Steamed Koshihikari Rice with Vegetables

-Miso Soup with Kabocha Pumpkin and Negi

-Chilled Dungeness Crab with Mandarin

-Kanzuri Mayo-Dashimaki Tamago

-Roasted Farm Broccoli with Grilled Wild Unagi, Tare, and Sesame-Citrus Cup with Farm Green Ohitashi


-Choice of Dessert

Menu 3: Tofu, Yuba & Farm Vegetable Hot Pot - Vegan/ Vegetarian Friendly

$45 Per Person

-Tofu,Yuba, Mushroom, and Farm Vegetable Hot Pot with Konbu Dashi and Saikyo Miso

-Thin Artisan Udon from Ibaraki Hot Pot Shime

-Simmered Kabocha Squash and Chestnuts with Shoyu, Chile, and Sesame

-Farm Broccoli with Inari and Yuzu Kosho Dressing

-Citrus Cup with Farm Green Ohitashi


-Choice of Dessert

Dessert Options

Chocolate Travel Cake with Citrus and Hazelnut  (Contains chocoate, gluten, dairy, and nuts)

A Collection of Nightly Wagashi (Dairy Free and Gluten Free)

Hokkaido Style Milk Pudding  with Black Sesame Crumble (Gluten Free, Nut Free)